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  2. ‘Glamour model’ fooled into giving birth to fake footballer’s child - Football - Eurosport
  3. ‘Glamour model’ fooled into giving birth to fake footballer’s child

She also apologised to friend and manager Rob Cooper , who she admits warned her of the possibility that her boyfriend was not who he claimed to be.

Top 15 Footballers Who Dated the Same People

Cunningham rejected his advice, even after asking the man to Tweet her, which he did from a clearly fake account. It is a bizarre tale exposing the desperation for fame in modern society, and the submission of some young women to footballers, not to mention the dangers of social media and online dating. There is also a melancholy to her comments — the lack of self confidence, the willingness to define herself by a secret relationship with a middle-ranking footballer, the dating website she has set up, tragically named "Pull the Pig".


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At the time, she had a crush on a youth team player — "I fancied the pants off him; I think I might have snogged him once" — so she confided in her mother that she thought it might be him. When I left there were two Page 3 girls in my house, and now there are three!

Tappenden is living many young girls' dream. But she admits it raised her profile: And I'm telling you now, if anything ever happens between me and Simon, I'll never look at another footballer. Cheryl Cole and Toni Terry might well agree.

‘Glamour model’ fooled into giving birth to fake footballer’s child - Football - Eurosport

He claims a friend of a friend was responsible for sending them, but it's not the first time he has faced allegations of sexual impropriety — specifically, a night with a hairdresser behind the back of his pop star wife, Cheryl. Surveys confirm it is seen as a career option by a minority; and that many girls can name more wives and girlfriends of footballers than female politicians.

How to Date Footballers — and Survive! You really have to see it to believe it. And yet, when it comes to the Wag obsession, we seem to have regressed many decades. As the feminist writer Natasha Walter says, "There's a really worrying hierarchy in the newspapers: When it comes to pinpointing the appeal of marrying a footballer, the short answer that's always given, of course, is money.

This attraction flourished in with the birth of the Premier League, when footballers' fees rose hugely. And then there's the status: The scene in Baden-Baden — the sunbathing, shopping, drinking and dancing on tables — looked such a laugh that Alison Kervin, a sports writer, decided to begin a series of novels based on the Wags the next, due out in May, is Wags at the World Cup.

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Their stories, she thought, represented a modern fairytale. You'd have more money, every day, than you'd have had in years. You'd have the castle on the hill. She spoke to a number of Wags, and says she "came away almost in tears, because I just felt desperately sorry for them.

‘Glamour model’ fooled into giving birth to fake footballer’s child

Some of those I met found it very, very difficult living in somebody else's shadow. One woman told Kervin that fans would open the door for her husband to walk through, then slam it in her face; that taxi drivers would take her husband's bags and leave her to struggle. Many aspects of Wags' lives bring to mind a sort of s womanhood: The women face isolation and upheaval, says Kervin, as their partners move from club to club and they either follow them, and lose established friendships, or stay put, and live apart from their partners.